Total educational reform

[The following excerpt from “Total educational reform” taken from MINI CRITIQUE by Isagani Cruz, updated December 30, 2010 12:00 AM, is reprinted from The Philippine Star.]

The term “K+12” has misled some into thinking that the P-Noy government regards the addition of two years to basic education as the solution to all our education problems. P-Noy has never said that and neither has Secretary Armin Luistro. In fact, P-Noy and Luistro have repeatedly said the opposite, namely, that K+12 is only one of ten major education reforms that the government is undertaking.

During the campaign, P-Noy spelled out at least 10 education reforms. The others, in addition to K+12, are ensuring universal pre-school for all five-year-olds, integrating the Madaris schools into the education system as a subsystem, reintroducing technical-vocational education into high school (not just Senior High School), making every child a reader by the end of Grade 1 (instead of Grade 3 as in the previous administration), upgrading the proficiency of all students in mathematics and science, increasing government assistance to private schools, using three languages for instruction (mother tongue as main medium for all levels, Filipino for national communication, English for international communication), raising the quality of textbooks, and encouraging local governments to build and manage schools.

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