NICKI TENAZAS: Reply to Dr. Felipe on K+12

N. Tenazas

Dear Usec. Felipe,

Thank you very much for your comments to my essay. Let me just say that I am very flattered to get a response from somebody like you. Hopefully with cordial discussions like this, the Department of Education can finally see the correct way to go about reforms in the Philippines.

I am no longer an employee of DepED and they did not hire me to defend the program. That is the reason why some of my points run contrary to the original design of K+12. I just felt the need to weigh in on the issue, as I am also very passionate about the education sector of our country. I suppose that the essay might be construed as pro-K+12 propaganda, but that was not the original intention.

For simplicity, the major points of your comments are summarized below. I hope I can address them all so that you may see my point of view further. I will no longer dwell on the sections of my essay that you misrepresented, as these are self-explanatory upon re-examination. I also do not plan to persuade you to believe something you already know is erroneous, but maybe if you see where I am coming from, we might have more productive work on the topic.

Click here for the complete article.


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